2009 Expert NFL Sports Picks – Dallas Cowboys

The 2008 campaign for the Dallas Cowboys was one of the all-time greatest let downs in the NFL. Before the season, pretty much every pundit and Cowboy fan had them penciled into at least the NFC Championship game if not the Super Bowl. Then, they actually played the season. Once the games played out, the Cowboys were on the outside of the playoffs looking in. The Super Bowl favorite couldn’t even win their own division. They even faced a one game playoff against the Eagles to make into the playoffs and got destroyed. It was definitely a year to forget in “Big D”. Can the Cowboys turn it around in 2009? If you’re looking for free NFL sports picks, don’t bet on it.

The Good News: According to Dallas, the best news of the off-season wasn’t who they picked up but who they got rid of. Perennial locker room cancer Terrell Owens got shipped out as soon as the season was over. Apparently his absence is supposed to rejuvenate everyone on the team because he was such a distraction. In addition to losing T.O. they picked up Keith Brooking and Igor Olshansky to bolster the defense. They’ll also get a boost to their running game with a healthy Marion Barber and Felix Jones in the backfield.

The Bad News: While the good news is that they got rid of T.O., I’m not buying that this is really going to help the offense as a whole. While T.O. might have been a distraction, the guy could play wide receiver. Who are they going to throw to now that he’s gone? Underachieving Roy Williams or Patrick Crayton? Are they going to rely on tight end Jason Witten? There are a lot of questions about the Cowboys offense that remain.

Besides the offense, the defense has questions of its own. They lost several players along the way that helped make that unit into a pretty good defense over the last few years. Will they be able to plug in inexperienced players and just keep going? That remains to be seen. They’ve also still got one of the weakest head coaches in the league in Wade Phillips. His inability to gain control of the team got thrust onto T.O.’s shoulders last year. Who will be the scapegoat this time around?

Outlook: If you think I’m totally against the Cowboys, I’m not. They’re going to be a pretty decent team this year. They’ve still got “poster boy” Tony Romo at quarterback and they’ve still got several good players. They’ll be able to run the ball better this year, which will offset some of the passing game. However, I just see too many holes all over the team to classify the Cowboys as an elite team just yet. They will probably be around .500 this year and miss the playoffs again. As far as free NFL sports picks go, don’t even think about picking them to go to the Super Bowl this year. 

Sports Bras Are Necessary For Sports Activities

Sports bras were originally developed for the purpose of reducing breast motion which is common during exercise or when playing sports. Because the breasts are supported by ligaments which do not provide substantial support, breast motion is very difficult to reduce without the use of a bra designed for exercising and the playing of sports.

In contrast to regular bras, sports bras are sturdier and offer greater support for the chest during periods of exercise and thereby reducing the risk of injury to these delicate tissues.

During exercise if the breasts are not supported they essentially move about freely with every movement of the body. A good analogy would be bobbing of a woman’s ponytail during an activity, such as running. Oftentimes women, particularly those with large breasts, can find this type of movement very painful. Usually the size and therefore the weight of a woman’s breasts correlate with the occurrence of pain.

Sports bras fall into two categories, either the encapsulation type with molded cups, or the compression type which restrict movement by flattening the breasts. Encapsulation is generally better for reducing discomfort, but some women prefer compression designs which are often much more fashionable because they are meant to be worn as outerwear.

What makes a sport bra different than a regular bra is the design as well as the type of fabric that they are made of. The main function of a women’s sports bra is to handle women in motion where a regular bra is focused on aesthetics and fashion. The fabric content of a sports bra also emphasizes its functionality. The fabric of athletic bras are designed to absorb moisture and tend to breathe more than a regular bra.

You wouldn’t run in just any old shoes, so don’t run in any old type of bra. A good sports bra is essential for women interested in exercise and sports.

Athletic bras [http://www.athleticbras.info/sports-bras-news] tend to be tighter and more restrictive than normal bras. They are usually made of one piece of fabric rather than two distinct cups with a band and straps as is the traditional bra. The material used is a stretchy type fabric which  allows for restricted movement of the breasts thus reducing irritation and pain during exercise.  The shoulder straps of athletic bras are padded and wider in width, which prevent the strap from digging into the neck muscles during activity. This also reduces the stress and helps distribute the weight of breast over a larger area.

Sports bras come in many sizes, colors and brands and usually cost somewhere between $15 and $40.  Enell Sports Bra which have been endorsed by Oprah, are constructed for high impact support and can be purchased in sizes 32D to 44 DD. Most research on sports bras has concentrated on discomfort which tends to be directly related to the degree of nipple movement. While sports bras are more effective in this regard than standard bras, they also vary considerably in their effectiveness.

Enell bras have no wires or cups and closes at the front which makes it easy to put on. For the smaller busted women The Moving Comfort Grace Bra is a very good choice.  It is also the only sports bra that is made for breast cancer survivors. It is lightweight, soft, comfortable and has a zip up front which makes it much easier to get on and off. It also has a pocket inside the lining for adding prosthesis.

The Adidas Response Bra is one of the better sports bras on the market today. It is extremely durable and able to withstand repeated washings without losing its elasticity. It is better suited for women who are of small to medium size busts however for larger busted women it is good for light activity.

The Microstrap Tank Bra from Nike is often worn by itself as a top. This is a very good option for low impact sports and gives you seamless coverage and good support.

There is a high demand for sports bras today due to the fact that women are very active and are into many types of activities such as  jogging, high impact aerobics, and other sports which has created the need for more supportive bras.

Cricket – A Passion Over the Fashion

The sport of cricket is bigger than ever before with the masses constantly looking out for the latest cricket news and all the live scores of cricket matches…even from work! The need to have the latest cricket updates and the fastest breaking news in the world of cricket has become a norm for those who can’t be glued to the television all day long.

Office Punters

There are a number of cricket enthusiasts who need to satiate their appetite for the game with all that goes within or beyond the boundary ropes. People have come across numerous ways to quench their thirst for cricket live scores on match days, post match conferences and the controversies emanating from the cricketing realms.

One can log on to a cricket website to get the latest information on cricket matches, get a glimpse of their favourite cricket stars and virtually do anything to do with the sport/religion called cricket.

Student Stumpers

A large army of students who are equally crazy about cricket also need to think out of the box when it comes to keeping the tab on the live cricket matches and events like the cricket World Cup. How can one think of trigonometry when the run-rates of your team are screaming in a nail biter!

Indigenous ways like using the hands-free contraptions, SMS alerts and using GPRS to browse websites for the latest in cricketing action; be it cricket blogs, cricket forums, cricket archives are a fast spreading trend.

Whatever the means, one thing is for sure…The entire world today feels the need, the need for cricketing speed!

How NFL Is Using Social Media

By now probably all major professional sports networks are online and it is not a surprise that the National Football League is taking advantage of the opportunities that the internet and social networking is offering them.

It is especially the social networking that is becoming a major thing that sports networks should be paying close attention to. NFL has already realized this and is now putting all teams and players in line with this new technology using it to their fullest potential.

However, this transition is not happening without any problems. Many coaches and managers are people who grew up without this new medium being the center of the news and still want to rely on magazines and other publications for the delivery of the news to the people.

Today though most people get their news from online network sites, which to me are a reminiscent of the word of mouth from the old days. One person posts an update on their twitter account and the news spread.

And it is because of this that the NFL had to eventually adapt making sure that their coaches and everyone involved know and understand this new technology.

Teams now have their own website and also have the ability to post updates through the main leagues site. This allows them to keep their fans engaged in the current and new developments in the league and with each team.

Many players use social networking sites like twitter and Facebook to communicate with fans and build their personal following. They post out regular updates allowing the fans to get a glimpse of their favorite players life. Many of those players have thousands of fans following them on those social networking sites and staying up to date with current developments of the player and the team he plays for.

Many news are also posted onto those social networking sites allowing them to grow and spread their influence. Plus with the addition of blogs and video marketing the NFL is now well prepared to continue building its position in the world, this time not only through games but also the new medium that the internet has become.

It’s a Small World – Satellite Technology

The most recent advances in satellite and fiber optic technology bring our amazing world to us without having to leave the comforts of home. Digital satellite television providers have mastered the science and have the capabilities to transmit international programming signals to and from all locations on our earth. From its inception, immediately after the Cold War period, television and satellite technology has advanced from black and white imagery to intense high definition crystal-clear pictures with sound clarity that is equally as exceptional and now brings viewers live broadcasts from around the world in real time. This enables peoples to learn about foreign cultures as well as stay in touch with native lands and be in the know as far as relevant news events develop. From India to the United States, Greece, China, Iran, and Russia – satellite technology provides the best in television and audio programming. News, sports, and family programming are available, including arts and languages, cuisine, fashion, music, drama series, current events, and children’s shows, at the touch of a fingertip. Experience life in other cultures and feel the excitement of knowing how others live in our world. International programming packages are provided in many different languages providing diversity at its best.

India offers programming in Urdu and Hindi with the best of Bollywood movies, news, family programming, and sports. Iran offers Farsi with excellent news, sports, and family channels. Tapesh offers movies, dramas, and sports 24 hours a day with arts, documentaries and classic films also being provided. China’s programming includes a variety of channels in Mandarin Chinese in addition to a channel called Videoland that features current events and news, entertainment, and children’s shows. One package includes live coverage from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other Asian cities and includes the latest in news and sports as well as music and children’s shows and movies. Specialty packages of international sports, including World Cup Cricket from India, Pakistan, and Africa, are available for enthusiasts to experience the wide world of sports entertainment. Broaden your horizons the easy and cheap way – digital satellite international programming. It is easy with specially designed packages of programming delivering the best each country, culture and language has to offer. Get live broadcasts as well as radio channels for round the clock entertainment.

There is actually life outside the confines of your home, and satellite and fiber optic technology bring it to you in style. You are in for a real treat with offers of diverse and sophisticated channels. As the technology advances, the spectrum of channels continue to expand – taking viewers to more exciting and exotic locations around the world. Choose your location and get ready for a trip around the world – sit back and enjoy!

Miami Heat Trade Update

Miami’s biggest offseason move was its trade for James Posey, Jason Williams, and Antoine Walker. These three will make the team instantly better, at least on paper, as the only player of consequence the Heat traded away was Eddie Jones, a 34 year old SG. Lets compare the stats:

GS-Games MPG-Minutes per game RPG-Rebounds per Game

PPG- Points per game FGP- Field Goal Percentage

3PT- 3 Point Percentage APG-Assists Per Game

Eddie Jones: 80 GS, 35 MPG, 5 RPG, 13 PPG, 3APG, 42%FGP, 37% 3PT

Antoine Walker(Boston): 24GS, 35MPG, 8RPG, 16PPG, 3APG, 44%FGP, 34% 3PT

Jason Williams: 71GS, 27MPG, 2RPG, 10PPG, 5.6APG, 41%FPG, 32% 3PT

James Posey: 50GS, 28MPG, 4.5RPG, 8PPG, 2APG, 36%FGP, 31% 3PT

The Heat have gained a whole lot in stats department. This appears to be an immediate upgrade. However, I have some reservations. If Shaq and Wade had both been healthy at the end of last year, the Heat would have made it to the championship. No question. Even with just Wade, the Heat played very well in the playoffs. You don’t want to mess too much with a good thing, but that’s exactly what Pat Riley has done. It could pay off, as Antoine Walker is not nearly as bad as he has been made out to be. Last year, he shot 34% from the 3 point arc with Boston, and 31% with Atlanta. His Atlanta number isn’t great, but the fact is that in Atlanta he had to do all the work. He had to put up shot after shot. The fact that both his field goal and 3 point percentage shot up when he got to Boston, in which he wasn’t the main guy, is encouraging and points to the fact that he could fit into Miami well, where he may well be used as a sixth man, with Posey starting as small forward and the underrated Udonis Haslem at power forward.

James Posey is a good guy to have on a championship team. He is a good defender who plays hard. If given the chance to play 35-40 minutes a nights, which he couldn’t do in Memphis with its deep rotation, he could put up decent numbers, maybe 12 points and 7 rebounds.

The Jason Williams pickup also looks good, as he put up his numbers in only 27 minutes per game last year. He could potentially up 14 PPG and 7APG with 35-40 minutes a night. However, he isn’t a good 3 point shooter(32%), and put up 5 attempts per game in 27 minutes a night. If he can stop shooting threes and focus on being a distributor for Miami’s offense(which already has enough shooters), he will be a great fit.

Ultimately, this trade comes down to whether Walker and Williams can lower their shot attempts and fit into the team. Despite this, it initially seems as though Pat Riley has improved an already good team, and Miami should be the top 3 in the East(with Indiana and Detroit).

Fantasy Football and Other Fantasy Sports News Online

Are you interested in fantasy sports? Well, there is a web site where you can check more important info about fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, fantasy NASCAR and some others! This is quite a number. If it is new for you and you will decide to try it that means you are a sports fan and the complexity of this system will please you and you can become really competitive. In case you already used such platforms you will see that this one is special. There are multiple features on the web site and this makes the online activity a realistic one, so you will enjoy spending time here. It is indeed a relaxing activity.

Besides, fantasy sports are growing in popularity yearly. They are great alternative for any sports fan who dreams of building his own team and competing with other fantasy team holders. The database of the fantasy sports web site offers you plenty of information that you may need to build a successful team in every sport you want. You will get useful and the latest information about player rankings, stats, injuries, contracts and more others.

There are sites that are dedicated to one particular sport or sites that are dedicated to fantasy sports in general as mentioned earlier. The advantage is that you can read more information about multiple sports in one place which is convenient.

When all is said and done, this can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Reading more about your favorite players in each sport is a relaxing activity and you will come again to read more.

Another important aspect is that you can get fantasy player news, realistic news because the goal of this system is to keep you informed. This is the ultimate goal.

Reading the articles related to sports on the web site will make you understand even more about how things are really going in different sports.

It is a good way to keep the intensity of joy at a certain high level. Reading about fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball or the others can be the activity you always want. You probably played football in high school and you always dreamed of becoming a successful football player.

However, staying active in the sport is the first thing you need to do. Read the postings in case you are a passionate or a fan. You can also post in the forum section to discuss with other passionate people in each sport about related aspects. You can make your own statistics based on the info posted here. You will see that there are twelve categories and a big number of subcategories so the complex system can show you information about any player.

This place hosts so much data and because of this reason you will need to be careful that you read the latest info existing. In case you are working in this industry, this web site can be a valuable solution for you. So, in case you are interested in being informed, you are lucky, you have found a place where the latest updates are the desired goal.

Bollywood News – Look For Movie Updates, Box Office Reports and Juicy Gossip

India’s biggest film industry, Bollywood, is always buzzing with news about new releases, box office reports, movie reviews by critics and experts, film gossip, romantic tie-ups between leading stars, controversies and personality clashes, and the latest fashion trends of male and female superstars. In such a scenario, keeping track of the latest happenings in Bollywood can be a very difficult task.

Instead of visiting generic websites that also focus on general news and provide Bollywood news as an afterthought, you would do well to rely on websites that specialize in providing the latest information and news related to the Hindi film industry in India. If you are an enthusiastic fan of Hindi movies and Bollywood film stars, then such a decision will help you stay up to date at all times.

The industry is always abuzz with news about new projects being launched and new movies being signed by the bigwigs of the industry. Recent releases like Barfi and Gangs of Wasseypur has brought new directorial talent under the spotlight. Even Karan Johar chose to skip family dramas and worked with debutants on his superhit youth-centric movie, Student Of The Year. Boring and formulaic movies have been replaced by innovative and imaginative scripts filmed by young and old directors who are not scared of moving away from the tried and tested approach.

If you are a fan, then you cannot afford to take your eyes off the industry for even a minute. Now that Big B and Anurag Kashyap have buried the hatchet, there is a possibility that these two may come together for an exciting cinematic endeavor. The best and the safest option is to rely on a website that keeps track of the latest developments and trends at all times.

Merely focusing on new releases and box office reports can become very boring unless it is accompanied by a peek into the exciting gossip surrounding the top stars in the industry. Will Salman Khan ever get married? Are Ranbir and Deepika sweethearts? Or, are they merely using their romance to promote their movies? Have Karan Johar and Priyanka Chopra patched up after their publicized Twitter fight? Speaking of Twitter, who is the latest celebrity to have made embarrassing updates on this site? A website that balances news with lots of gossip will definitely help you enjoy the best of Bollywood.

The latest information about movie performances at the box office will help you plan your next movie without any hassles. Barfi did well because of the positive word-of-mouth reviews and recommendations it received. Websites allowing users to post their opinions about different movies and stories will also help you understand what other movie fans are thinking.

The smartest option would be to rely on a single website that provides access to the latest news, gossip, fashion trends and tidbits about the private lives of the celebrities. Nothing can be more embarrassing for a real fan to discover that he or she was the last to learn about an interesting development in the Hindi film industry. Turn all your friends green with envy by sharing the latest news on your social networking profiles. Just make sure you choose the right website in the first place.

A House You Can Skate In

How would you like to have a house you can skate in? What if every surface of the house was a skateable surface, even the bed? Can you imagine how cool it would be to skate around from one room of your house to the other or to invite your friends over? It’s better than having your own skatepark in your backyard. While it sounds like a kid’s dream or something you’d see in a movie, for one man, this house is actually a reality.

Last year, Francois Perrin, an architect in Los Angeles, was approached by Pierre-André Senizergues, a former professional skateboarder and the owner of a sportswear company with an idea to create a house that was completely skateable.

While it sounds like a dream come true for your typical skater fan, the two made this house a reality and it was big news earlier this year in the skate community. Perrin was a longtime fan of skateboarding and decided to take on the unique project.

“I did work on skate parks, but this house was the first time I could merge these two passions,” he said, referring to his love of skateboarding and design.

Everything in the final design of this house can be skated on, even the kitchen counter (metal trim allows for grinding). They called it PAS House, named after the client’s initials and they showed off the design at an exhibition on skate culture at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris in July of this year. A full-scale prototype of the house’s living area was revealed and some skaters were even given the opportunity to try it out for themselves.

An interview at the NY Times revealed a question and answer session with the architect about the project. Mr. Perrin shares things such as what his biggest challenges were as well as how it’s possible to skate on a bed. The house is also fully sustainable so it’s eco-friendly as well.

Archinect has some great photos of the skateboard house if you want to see for yourself. While we might all dream of having a house we can truly skate in, it’s not very practical for the average person. It also comes with a very hefty price tag.

What Is an Online Sports Betting Forum?

An online sports betting forum is a location where those who are enthusiasts and share a passion for sports betting engage in open discussions that are relevant to sports related topics. These locations are more apt to be seem like a community as many of the individuals who engage there have similar interests, share insights, provide tips, and look for suggestions within the world of sports betting. These open platforms allow a place for congregation as the overwhelming convenience allows individuals to participate while never having to leave their homes.

The internet has opened up many various hobbies, with sports betting being one of them. No longer are the days of having to drive hours to have relevant conversations with others who share similar interests, and that is if a suitable location can be found in the first place. Many sports enthusiasts look to share what they are going to do, how they are going to bet, or solicit valuable information from others who have proven their worth. The keys to making this environment worthwhile is finding a site that you are comfortable with that conforms to having active participation amongst its members.

Many of these forums that have been around for quite some time as they are established and prominent within the industry. On the other hand, a site that is new to the industry may offer something that is fresh, not stagnant, and may offer different discussion topics instead of ideas that are stale and outdated. This is not to say that one website may be better than another, but you have to look further into the site, the participants, and what you want to get from the experience. Maybe you are looking for advice or tips on sports betting, wanting to talk about the latest NFL trades, or just want to talk to others who share similar interests, these forums may provide you a means of doing that.

Before becoming an active member of a specific site, take a tour while taking notice of what they have to offer. These are some suggestions you may want to consider before becoming an active member;

-look at the participation level of the members

-Is it paid or is it free?

-Does the site offer any perks to become a member or do they reward longevity?

-Are there any perks that are dependent on one’s participation level?

-Are the posts allowed without webmaster approval or is there a timeframe for approval of posts that are made?

A sports betting forum is a great way to provide or gather insights, tips, or ideas through engagement in a community where there is a wealth of established information. Typically, these locations receive an influx of people who have similar interests and are either looking for information, wanting to provide free information or services, or are just looking to associate with others. Why not seek out a location where information is readily available to increase your knowledge of sports betting or share it with others who have a lack of it.