Episode 264: How to Build Yourself More Time with Jaime Masters

I’m excited to welcome Jaime Masters as a guest on his episode of the podcast. Jaime is the host of Eventual Millionaire. She’s interviewed almost 500 self made millionaires and billionaires. She’s been a business coaching for over 10 years and has taught six and seven figure CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners how to double and triple their revenue. She has been featured in Yahoo Online, Inc.com, SUCCESS Magazine, Entrepreneur, Women’s Health Magazine, Business Insider, and more.

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I’ve been friends with Jaime for years and have had the pleasure of hanging out with her at events in cities all over the world. She loves business and all things geeky. She’s the mother of two amazing kids that are already making money in business as stilt walkers and contortionists. (I need to get my two kids on this whole “making money” thing!)

I wanted to talk to Jaime about her latest venture: Ownerbox. It’s Jaime’s new brand that delivers business owners the dream they signed up for when they started their business. We talked about what her plan is for Ownerbox, why systems are important, and much more she does to help people build themselves more time.

Talking Points

  • What is Ownerbox? (1:32)
  • Why Ownerbox was created (2:08)
  • Why the “CEObox” and the “Ownerbox” are NOT the same (3:14)
  • Jaime tells The Story of Joey (5:33)
  • We discuss the idea of patience and how it translates into Jaime’s latest venture (8:04)
  • What Jaime’s intent was when she started her Eventual Millionaire brand (9:54)
  • Why Jaime thinks systemizing is important to success (14:46)
  • The discussion Jaime had with her kids when she told them that she was going to have someone else other than herself pick them up every once in a while (17:44)
  • Why Ownerbox helps owners “pick their spots” when it comes to where they spend their time and energy (19:50)
  • This is what Jaime recommends you do that will help you build yourself more time (22:33)

Knowing that systems work better is one thing. Doing them is totally another.

Jaime Masters

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Jaime knows how to help business owners feel like they own their businesses instead of the other way around. That’s why it’s no wonder that she created Ownerbox; it’s a vehicle to help her do that. The big lesson here is that putting a system in place is not only a smart move…it’s the only move you can make if you want to run a successful business (and, really… a successful life). It reminds me of something that I’ve said time and time again: Frameworks foster freedom.

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